Welcome to andalus.capital, formerly Shura Invest

Our approach

Andalus Capital empowers individuals, small businesses and community organizations to apply the tools of professional investors in line with their own ethical values.

We provide customized, sophisticated investment management and financial advice. Customized because your investment portfolio will be managed with an understanding of your specific financial circumstances. Sophisticated because we go well beyond the traditional stock-bond-cash allocation and consider a variety of asset classes and strategies.

We also emphasize risk management and a conservative, long-term value approach.

Why work with us?

Professional trading platform
We give you access to Folio Institutional, a professional securities tradiing platform, including your own client login and account statements.
Ethical screening
We only recommend securities already screened by IdealRatings, a screening and purification service for ethical and socially responsible investing. This approach is compliant with the international standards.
Personal service
Through one-on-one consultations, we help you use the tools of professional and ethical investing to meet your particular financial goals and personal values. We pride ourselves on being approachable, proactive and passionate about our clients.
Independent advice
We operate independently from other firms and put your needs first. Since we do not accept commissions, soft dollars, 12(b)(1) fees or other forms of third-party payments, we have no agenda to promote a particular product or fund manager.

Join our team

We are always looking for talented and passionate people. If you are interested in career opportunities at Andalus Capital please send us an email with your resume and a brief description on why you feel AC is a perfect fit for you.

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